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Get your backyard back with Backyard Buddy!

The Backyard Buddy is an innovation in storage solutions. A space saving solution to large bulky sheds! Designed to fit against the wall of a house beneath the eaves, in a carport, or similar sheltered area, the Backyard Buddy will maximise those otherwise unusable areas around your house or apartment building. Built around the Australian Roller Door, the Backyard Buddy is a large steel locker that gives you secure storage space!

What do you do when you don't have the space for a standard shed size? When you want a compact storage solution that will fit comfortably in those awkward areas around your home, where you want to maximise the storage? The Backyard Buddy was created with these tricky to fit areas in mind! Taking up limited space while still offering plenty of room to store your belongings securely, available in standard sizing or customised especially for you!

Backyard Buddy Sizing Options

The Backyard Buddy is perfect for when you want a compact storage solution that will fit comfortably in those awkward areas around your home. Available in standard sizing or customise to suit your specific needs!

Pricing for the Backyard Buddy is based on the Sizing and Shipping to each State. For further information about pricing please contact us via our form at the bottom of the page!


Standard Size Backyard Buddy

A standard Backyard Buddy has standard sizing of 2670mm Wide x 2280mm High x 670mm Deep.

This includes shelving at the shown (to the left) dimensions.

The image to the left shows a standard Backyard Buddy.

Standard sizing is available in all states.


Custom Size Backyard Buddy

The Backyard Buddy can be customised to suit any area. The minimum and maximum of each sizing is as follows;

  • Width: Min. of 1200mm (Roller Door 900mm) and Max. of 3880mm
  • Height: Min. of 2000mm and Max. of 2800mm
  • Depth: Min. of 600mm and Max. of 1500mm
  • Shelving can be customised to suit individual needs

The image to the left shows a custom build Backyard Buddy that was made to be larger in height and depth.

Custom sizing is currently only available in Victoria.


The full colour range of Colorbond colours is available in Victoria only.

With the following selected range of Colorbond colours are available in all other states:

  • Monument
  • Woodland Grey
  • Classic Cream
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Surfmist

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